My boots have dogs on them.

The story so far: I’m at the end of a long diet and trying to chase off the last few vanity pounds, using calorie control and a lot of exercise.

Hello readers! I don’t usually blog this early in the day but I have to show you these photos because I am very excited. New wellington boots! For walking in the rain and mud outdoors!

Boots that have dogs on them. French dogs in berets and stripy tops.

They are a little bit roomy but that’s OK because I wanted enough room for cushioned insoles, thick walking socks and also enough room in the leg to tuck in my waterproof trousers which I’m wearing over tracksuit bottoms. I’m thinking a pair of legwarmers would be good as well, I’m just knitting some as it happens, they are really for ballet but I could make another pair for outdoors.

I couldn’t wait to put my boots on and go for a walk. I dressed up in my waterproof ensemble and set off. At first I felt a bit over-dressed but then later I felt very smug when the rain started. On the way home, I stepped in a puddle on purpose.

New boots!! Loads of great styles here, at

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