Toast and a pound of spinach

Good evening, readers. I hope everyone is well. I’m pleased to report that I did 120 minutes of exercise today. I weighed in this morning at 142.8 pounds so we are once again within reach of the final goal of 135 lbs. I stayed within my calorie limit and this was partly achieved by eating 375g of chopped spinach today. That’s nearly a pound of spinach, which, if you’ve never tried to eat a pound of spinach in a single day, let me tell you, it is a lot. I wouldn’t say I was starving hungry today.

Looking at my food journal, I see that I can stick to my diet for about four days or so before there’s some kind of an accident where I eat unscheduled sugary snacks. Now I’m aware of the numbers I’ve decided to try and make a game out of sustaining a streak of days where I don’t go off plan. Today was Day 4. Wish me luck for Day 5 tomorrow.

Today’s featured image is a lunch I had recently at a local cafe. The book is great, a very rich story, I’m reading it whenever I’m on the bus or the tube around London. Lunch is a cup of tea, rather over-brewed as is tradition in certain types of cafe, and two poached eggs on toast. For ages I was scared to eat bread and grains but I’ve started to re-introduce them within my calorie limit with no ill effects.

And that’s all today’s news. I’m excited to weigh in tomorrow following a day of activity and spinach-eating.

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