Ballet Shoes

The story so far: I have 10-15 pounds to lose at the tail end of a long diet and I just signed up for weight loss programme Noom. Today was Day 5 of the new regime.

First things first, scale victories. This morning I weighed 145.8 pounds, meaning that I’ve lost 3 pounds since I started this blog less than a week ago(!). I have exactly ten pounds left to get to my goal.

As you may remember, I’m on the final leg of a long weight loss journey that started on 1 July and involves losing 35 pounds in total. I successfully lost 25, then fell off the diet wagon at the last minute and gained a few pounds, as so many of us do. Then I quickly got back on the wagon, started this blog, started the diet plan Noom and doubled the amount of exercise I was doing, which means I’m now doing two hours on most days and rarely less than 90 minutes.

Today’s featured image was taken a few weeks ago, on the day I bought new ballet shoes. I needed shoes because I was going to back to class, having missed a few classes. In fact, 35 years of classes. Now I go twice a week and it’s my favourite thing out of all the activities I do, I like it even more than yoga.

My teacher is a joy. I was embarrassed about returning to class because of being away for 35 years and being old and stiff. I have flat feet and I can’t always remember what arm positions I am supposed to be doing. But despite all of this, it transpires that I can remember quite a lot of technique. Today, my teacher, who is a lovely Australian man and a professional ballet dancer, divided the class into two groups. He said ‘people who are less experienced with ballet need to do this exercise at the barre’ and pointed out several people. Then he said ‘if you are more experienced you can do this exercise in the centre of the room, away from the barre’ and he indicated that I was one of those people. I was absolutely stoked. And last week he said my feet were in a good position. I live for praise and hang on his every word.

Ballet exercises might look simple but they require a lot of strength in your legs and core. The slower and more controlled the movements, the stronger you need to be, especially if you are balancing on your toes, on one leg, or both. Here’s a helpful video of a former Royal Ballet dancer demonstrating some core moves that beginners and professionals alike practice regularly in class.

I’ve done well at sticking to my calorie limit today. I’ve been too busy today for thinking about food, plus my partner made a thick vegetable soup.

Hurrah! I have lost three pounds.

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