Bananas and custard and push-ups

The story so far: I have been on a long diet journey and I am repeatedly failing to lose the final ten pounds. Aargh!

I worked this evening. In fact, it is ten past midnight on a Sunday night and I have just finished work, just in time to start again tomorrow morning. This is what leads to eating chocolate late at night – I did that tonight, ate at least 500 calories in unnecessary chocolate while finishing a long project. My diet veered wildly off course. The project was finished on time and looks amazing. This is the story of my life.

Whenever I fall off the diet wagon and eat chocolate or cake, like the fool I am, I rely on my regular exercise habit to shore up my self-esteem. I went to yoga today and the teacher spent a lot of time making us do planks and this move that is like half a push-up, where you very slowly lower your body from a plank position, using your arms. I think I mentioned that I’ve been using dumbbells for probably about 6 weeks and today when we did this move in yoga, I noticed that my arms felt much stronger than I expected them to. It was still unbelievably hard work and I am not close to being able to do proper push-ups, but my arms seemed much more solid and capable than they were the last time I’d attempted that kind of manoeuvre. I also walked today so I’ve done 120 minutes of exercise in total. This makes me feel slightly less guilty about scoffing chocolate, although it is no justification.

Today’s featured image is a dish that I love when I am craving something sweet. I should have made it tonight instead of eating sweets. 1 sliced banana, 1 sliced plum, 125ml of low fat Ambrosia custard, hot or cold. Dust with cinnamon or nutmeg. 250 calories.

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