Carrot Sticks

The story so far: I have 10-15 pounds to lose at the tail end of a long diet and I just signed up for weight loss programme Noom. Today was Day 2 of the new regime.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is weigh myself. Today I weighed 147.8 pounds which is a loss of half a pound since yesterday, which I am totally counting as a victory.

I am doing Noom with beginner’s enthusiasm. Here are highlights of what it wants me to do, every day without fail:

  • Eat loads of non-starchy vegetables and fresh fruit. I mean really a lot, I have daily targets for eating this stuff, which Noom calls Green Foods. Appropriately enough, as most things are green. Noom expects me to make green food at least 30% and ideally 50% of each day’s food intake.
  • Stay within my calorie limit, which is nominally 1200, with extra awarded for exercise (Noom knows what I’m doing because it links to iHealth through my Apple Watch).
  • Walk. Outside of any exercise I’m already doing, Noom expects me to meet a step target every day, which is incrementally increasing in the direction of 10k steps.

I had a perfect day yesterday and was rewarded by being half a pound lighter and feeling less shitty than the bottom of a parrot’s cage this morning.

I had a perfect day again today. In fact, I ate so many vegetables that I hadn’t used up even half of my daily calorie allowance by the evening, so that’s why I’m having a fish curry with rice now, at 484 calories per serving, to get the numbers up. That’s the first time in a long while that I’ve reached the evening and wondered what I can eat to get more calories into myself to reach the desired minimum.

I really want to succeed at the step count challenge and I want fast results so I went out for a one-hour walk today as well as attending a one-hour exercise class, which I will describe in more detail another time, as I do quite a variety of activities.

I’m very pleased with myself and I’m absolutely loving Noom which is making me think about vegetables harder than I’ve ever thought about them before. I had carrot sticks for a snack this morning, not as some dismal substitute for chocolate biscuits but because I had Vegetable Goals today.

I’m excited for Day 3. More news tomorrow.

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