Halloween Tre- oh, wait.

The story so far: I have 10-15 pounds to lose at the tail end of a long diet and I just signed up for weight loss programme Noom. Today was Day 3 of the new regime.

It’s Day 3 of my new diet plan, so that’s why today found me eating a metric fuckton of peas, cabbage and broccoli. It was all very nice, I wasn’t suffering. Even if it is Halloween. The fact is, I ate Halloween cake already, a few days ago, and that’s how I stalled my own weight loss and is the reason for this blog.

So I can’t feel too bad, can I. I haven’t exactly been deprived.

I weighed 147.8 pounds again this morning and will let you know the minute that changes. I’m optimistic because I’m staying within my daily calorie limit. Noom is quite generous, actually, and regularly awards me calories for my daily budget that are over a baseline of 1200, depending on how much physical activity it senses that I’m doing, but in my head, 1200 is a good enough number so that’s what I aim for. Today I consumed 1221 calories, so I’m calling that a good result.

On Mondays and Thursdays I work out with dumbbells, focusing on my core and upper body because my legs get a workout every day, with one thing and another. I keep a written journal of the weights I’m using. I’ve only been doing it for a month and I can see from my notes that the amount of weight my arms, chest, shoulders and back can endure is increasing. This makes me super happy and even more motivated to shed fat, because if there’s one thing I’ve always aspired to, it is sculpted arms. Well, that and a bunch of other things. But arms are definitely near the top of the list. I’ll show you my weights journal another time.

And that’s all today’s news. Happy Halloween. Don’t go too crazy with the edamame beans.

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