Good evening, readers. It has been nearly a month since I left you on somewhat of a cliffhanger. As you know, this whole blog is about my struggle with the last 7lbs of a weight loss journey that has seen me shed 30lbs already over about 5 months. When we last spoke in June, I was in shock. I’d been bingeing on sugar, gave up trying to drink enough water, yet magically dropped 5lbs overnight, hitting my target weight. The last time I blogged was that day.

Well, of course, the very next day, all the weight came back. As soon as I started drinking water and eating broccoli instead of sugary fluff, I immediately bulked back up to 138. And that’s where I remain today, a month later. 138lbs. Five pounds over my goal weight.

In the meantime, I went on holiday. I went to Greece and wore bikinis. I was elated. Even though I need to lose a bit more weight and tone up around the midsection, and even though my fake tan washed off the minute I arrived, I still looked great, IMO. It was the first time I’d seen a beach in a handful of years, Want to see a photo?

A lightly censored photo of a woman of normal BMI, wearing a bikini.

I’m aged mid-50s and I’m 5’6”, if that is helpful for readers who are pursuing weight loss. I’m very conscious of how much I still want to improve, but also conscious of how far I’ve come. 170lbs, my highest weight, looked bad on me. 138 looks a lot better.

When I came home to the UK, I had in mind that I would re-commit to my diet and exercise regime – but then I got Covid.

I’m not too sick so far (fingers crossed) but I am not exercising right now, also everyone knows that food has no calories if consumed when you are ill, especially ice cream.

And that’s all the weight loss news.

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