Look at my bathroom

My Mrs Hinch cleaning regime is paying off. Would you like to see my bathroom?

That’s the most thoroughly I’ve ever cleaned the bathroom. Everything has been de-limescaled and the whole place reeks of bathroom cleaning products. Of course, I keep spotting bits I have missed but this is a vast improvement on two days ago when the whole room was a tip.

Following the instructions of the venerable Mrs Hinch, I stripped the entire room of everything that wasn’t attached, scrubbed the empty room, then cleaned items as I was putting them back. All those plastic drawers got individually cleaned, all their contents are clean. I threw out old make-up. I separated plasters from painkillers. I cleaned my make-up brushes. Everything.

It’s good that something is showing progress as I am gaining weight rather than losing it and have shot up to 144 pounds, which is a disgrace. I was supposed to reach my target weight of 135 by Xmas and there is now no hope of that happening.

I am working this evening and tomorrow I shall attempt to Hinch the kitchen.

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