A recipe for 1970s cake.

The story so far: I’m trying to lose the last few pounds at the end of a long weight loss journey. The final few pounds are hard!

Good morning, readers! It is 7am in London and I have been up since 5am, not for any reasons that are fun.

My jaw feels a bit better, thank you for asking. I still can’t open my mouth very much but it’s not excessively painful.

Work is horrible. I’m self-employed so obviously when work is available, you take it, and you are grateful that money is coming in. But I am at work day and night and barely sleeping.

  • My house is filthy, I can’t find anything and I am out of clean clothes.
  • My exercise regime of ballet, yoga, weight training and outdoor walking has collapsed.
  • On the plus side, I’m not hungry. Anxiety is suppressing my appetite.

After a disappointing weight loss fluctuation, I’m back down to 139.4 pounds today. I only have four pounds to go to reach my goal. Of course, my body doesn’t know anything about the arbitrary goals I might have set for it and merrily retains water and does all these other things that make the final few pounds by far the most difficult to lose of all the pounds I lost in total.

I started dieting on 1 July this year, when I weighed 170, which is too much for a woman of 5’6″. I set a goal of 135. I shed 25 pounds fairly consistently. When I realised how bloody difficult the last ten pounds were going to be, I started this blog, and here we are. Effortfully struggling through the last ten. Slowly, slowly.

Anyway, that’s enough moaning from me. I’m really stuck for a picture to show you today because my whole life right now is work, so instead here’s a picture from the archives. It is a pineapple upside-down cake that I made a few months ago. This is one of my favourite types of cake and is super fun to make. This type of cake used to be extremely popular in Britain in the 1970s, I remember learning to make it in cooking lessons at school.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, a 1970s classic recipe.

Get some pineapple rings and arrange them in the bottom of a cake tin. Place a frozen cherry in the centre of each ring. Prepare cake batter and pour it on top of the pineapple pieces. Bake. When cooked, flip over your cake tin so that the cake comes out upside-down. Voila! Cake with a syrupy, fruity topping. It tastes like heaven and is equally good hot or cold. Also it freezes beautifully, you can microwave the frozen pieces and it will taste just as good as the day you made it.

Here’s a recipe at the BBC Good Food website: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/pineapple-upsidedown-cake

Be careful if you are on a diet! 407 calories per serving.

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