Shakshuka OUCH wine tofu

Hello readers! I have had a ridiculous time over the last 24 hours. My usual routine of working, exercising and religiously logging the calorie values of everything I eat was dramatically interrupted. It was my partner’s birthday so I took most of the day off work. Achieving this entailed working until 5am the night before and then getting two hours sleep before an early phone meeting. So I was knackered all day because 2 hours of sleep is not enough for anyone. I wasn’t quite a zombie but my brain was working slowly and I kept dropping things.

Anyway, I got the phone meeting out the way and we went out for breakfast. We went to this place he likes where they serve vegan stuff and I had shakshuka. It wasn’t particularly tasty and I hardly ate any but that’s OK because I’m on a diet. Then I dislocated my jaw. Right there in the cafe. I yawned and it popped out of its socket.

My jaw has always been a bit mobile on the left side, if I open my mouth very wide, like at the dentist, the joint pops on the left side and then it goes back in again without a problem when I close my mouth. Except this time it didn’t go back in. It hurt like hell and I had to physically manipulate my jaw with both hands and force it back into place. I was freaked out and it was sore and stiff but at least it snapped back in so we didn’t have to go to the hospital. I was just in pain and a bit upset.

So then we did the next thing, which was go to Tate Britain to see the William Blake exhibition. But when we arrived my face was still hurting terribly so we went directly to the cafe and I drank most of a half-bottle of Chablis on a near-empty stomach. That certainly took the edge off. And while I was at it I ate cake as well because I deserved it. So that was second breakfast. Then I was a bit drunk and in less pain so we looked at loads of art.

Then we went back to the cafe for coffee and I ate a cookie because it was one of the healthier options available (not saying much, I know) and also quite thin, so easy to get into my mouth, which would hardly open.

Then we went to some Korean place for dinner and had deep fried tofu, which I ate in very small pieces, and salad (ouch, chewing) and kimchi.

As you can see, this was a chaotic and unpredictable day and I have no idea how many calories I consumed.

Today my face still hurts but slightly less and I weigh 141 pounds which I can’t even be bothered to log on the weight loss tracker because I’m in denial

OUCH. I am sticking to soup and porridge today. And that’s all the news.

Fried tofu. Probably about 8m calories.

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