Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

The story so far: I’m effortfully losing the last few pounds at the tail end of a 35-pound weight loss journey.

Hey everybody! It will be a short blog post this evening because I am overwhelmed with work, I’m at my desk day and night. I’m just about managing to keep up a minimal exercise routine.

I bought some sugar-free mixed sweets on Amazon because I am craving sweet things. I looked at the reviews and quite a few people complained along the lines of ‘I only had five and I had terrible wind. The sweets went straight in the bin’.

I thought that a bit of wind was not much to complain about in light of the sweets being zero sugar so I ate a bunch of them anyway, last night. Much later, in the small hours of the morning, I had a rather active digestive system, hem hem. I did not mind this too much as I had actually been a bit sluggish over the previous 24 hours due to eating too much protein and not enough fibre, even though I eat fibrous vegetables and fruit all the damn time. Anyway. I was almost on the point of thinking ‘that was rather a noticeable reaction, I probably shouldn’t eat those again’. Then I got on the scale this morning and I was down to 139 pounds and was miraculously able to fit into my all-time favourite jeans, which are a UK size 12, and not a large 12.

Four pounds left to get to my goal weight.

I took a few photos of myself wearing the jeans but the last 4 pounds of flab are still clearly visible around my waist so you will have to wait. We’ll get to the big prize of 135 pounds then I’ll get some sportswear photos at the gym.

Of course, I should have binned the sweets because if food makes your guts explode, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. But I didn’t bin them. In fact, I ate more this evening. I am secretly hopeful of getting down to 138 pounds tomorrow, as though they are magical weight loss pills or something, which they aren’t. They don’t even taste that nice.

I will throw them away tomorrow. Honestly.

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