Gin for dinner and other massive victories.

Good afternoon, readers! I hope you are well and having a good weekend. Things have been very hectic chez Gloria, with the result that my diet on Saturday was ridiculous, even though I managed to miraculously stay within Noom’s calorie limit for the day (WINNING). Here is what I ate.

Breakfast at 2.30am because I was still at my desk working from the night before(!) Banana plus a bunch of sugary, salty carbs, about 400 calories.

Lunch at about 2pm. We visited family. They cooked. I ate a salmon fillet, probably 350 calories and a tiny serving of vegetables. Everyone gasped over how much weight I’ve lost – gratifying.

Dinner at about 7pm. Over 500 calories of chocolate. I was starving because I didn’t eat enough veg at lunchtime, also I was at the theatre and it was all the food they had. So I scoffed down 90g of chocolate in a few minutes.

Second dinner, 9.30pm. Gin and tonic.

That was it. I am sure my body wondered what the hell was going on. I couldn’t go to the gym but I did about 6,500 steps over the day so not a disaster when you look at how all the numbers added up by bedtime.

The next day was Sunday and when I got on the scales this morning, there was a massive scale victory! 140.8 pounds!

Weight loss in pounds since joining Noom and starting this blog.

This represents several milestones all combined into one.

  • I have lost 8 pounds, more than half a stone in Brit-speak, since starting this blog, which more or less coincided with joining Noom. Half-stones are a big deal to Brits.
  • I’ve succeeded in my goal of losing 10 lbs while doing a fitness challenge over on Reddit. Yay! The challenge lasts eight weeks and we are nearing the end. There’s still time for me to even exceed my weight loss goal on this as it doesn’t close until 28 November.
  • I’ve lost a massive 30 lbs since 1 July, when I started what turned out to be a long weight loss journey, with this blog as the final chapter. I started out at 170 lbs and now 30 are gone.
  • 140 lbs to Brits is the same as weighing 10 stone, a weight I vaguely remember from several years ago.
  • I only have five pounds left to lose to reach my goal weight. Five pounds!

I am beside myself with excitement and celebrated today by doing 3 hours of exercise (a one hour walk, yoga class, another walk).

The ultimate prize of 135 lbs is within reach, readers. Lok’tar Ogar!

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