Green Food

The story so far: I’m at the end of a long diet and I’m using Noom, ‘the weight loss plan for Millennials’, to help me shed the last few pounds.

Hi readers! As I expected, I was a little bit heavier on the scales this morning after eating sugary foods while working at my desk late last night. We shan’t dwell on it; I don’t feel particularly guilty, just wanted to make sure that I got firmly back on track with my diet today. Did two hours of outdoor walking this morning, which has to help. I am starting to need a pair of wellingtons because it’s very muddy down some of the more scenic lanes at this time of year. I don’t think I’ve owned a pair since I was a child; this is how outdoorsy I am now. I have waterproof trousers as well because of the November rain.

This evening I made a chilli for dinner, recipe from the BBC Good Food website:

I slightly adapted the recipe, leaving out the chocolate (ha) and sour cream. I also used only 400g of meat instead of the 500g listed here. I cooked 60g of wholegrain rice to go with it and abstained from cheese. Frankly it would have been a lot more exciting with sour cream and cheese but as it was, it was very wholesome and I ate a hearty serving for a reasonable 480 calories, rice included.

Noom likes me to eat a lot of Green Foods. By this, it does not mean foods which are literally green (although many are) but foods which are low in calorie density. This includes vegetables and fruit as well as a few other items like low-fat milk. I log everything I eat in the Noom app and it colour-codes all my foods. I can eat unlimited amounts of Green Foods as long as I stay within my overall calorie budget for each day. I can eat smaller amounts of yellow (usually protein) foods and half that amount of red (sugary, high density) foods, with specific limits set on them. Here’s a screenshot from today’s food log. Noom is happy with me because I am eating lots of green foods today while staying well within my overall calorie limit. So far.

Green foods in my daily log. Noom is showing a generous calorie allowance today because I exercised.

Noom is giving me a generous calorie allowance today because I did lots of exercise. It seems to start the day at a baseline of 1200 calories and then it will add calories to my daily limit based on how active I am.

I’m just coming up to week 3 of Noom’s 16-week course. It is really helpful and surprisingly enjoyable considering it is a diet plan. And that’s all today’s news. Wishing you a good week ahead!

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