Two Stone

Hey everybody! I’m very tired from work and need to sleep so this will be short but I wanted to tell you the news. Today’s image is a small section of my wall calendar that I keep near my desk.

I lost two stone (28 lbs) exactly, 08 November 2019

I write my weight on it every day, so 145.2 lbs was Wednesday 6th. I dramatically dropped to 142.6 on Thursday 7th and the occasion is marked with 3 vegetable stickers. I’m blogging late at night so today was Friday 8 November and today I weighed in at exactly 142.0 pounds. This means:

  • I have lost exactly two stone, this is a big deal to Brits, a stone is 14 lbs, two stone is 28 lbs.
  • I get a smiley face sticker on the calendar.
  • I have lost 6 lbs since I started this blog and only have seven (half a stone) to go. Already, we are nearly at our goal, or so it seems.

OK, I need to rest now. I am exercising, I’m eating my vegetables and work is kicking my ass. And that’s all the news.

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