Let’s just talk about salad.

I woke up this morning knowing that I had a hectic work day ahead. There would be no time for exercise classes so I went out for a brisk 1-hour walk in the London fog this morning instead. When I came home, I made lunch. Pear and blue cheese salad. Recipe below.

Pear and blue cheese salad.

50g shredded lettuce. 130g Red William pear, sliced. 25g blue cheese, crumbled. 25g spring onion, roughly chopped. 30g blueberries. 100g sourdough bread with olives. Roughly 442 calories. If desired, add 15ml of low fat salad dressing for 10 calories. If you are extra hungry, add 100g of shredded chicken breast for another 204 calories.

After lunch, I set to work at my desk. This continued into the evening (it’s now 8pm) and eventually I started to feel that my brain power was fading. I felt I needed sugar, so I ate some, going hundreds of calories over my daily limit. But we will not go into the sordid details, we’ll simply note that the salad at lunch was delicious and I will definitely make it again.

I weighed 142.0 lbs again this morning but it remains to be seen whether that will hold true tomorrow. Right, I must get back to this work report that I’m still writing. I hope this post finds you healthy and having a good weekend.

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