Whoosh: noun. A term used in weight loss circles to describe sudden, overnight weight loss as shown on the scales, usually following a period of effort with little obvious reward.

Hello readers! I am very tired from work and I am very skinny! Look at this chart.

What that chart is showing is that I lost three pounds overnight!! I’m now only 7 pounds away from my goal weight of 135.

This has been a long road. I started dieting on 1 July, when I was 170 lbs and had 35 pounds to lose. The first 25 pounds came off fairly consistently and then something happened which I now know to be quite common. I got within ten pounds of my goal weight and I started to think ‘hey, I look OK. In fact, I look pretty good. And dieting is REALLY BORING. I should probably have some cake or something’. And that’s when I started putting weight back on, which is how the start of this blog found me at 148 point something pounds instead of the 145 that was my lowest weight.

I had three pounds to re-lose (oh joy) and another ten to lose as well to get me to my final goal. I really didn’t want to flake out before reaching my goal so I did three things to power me through the last bit of my journey.

  • I started this blog.
  • I increased the amount of exercise I was doing (dumbbells, ballet, yoga, a whole lot of outdoor walking).
  • I joined Noom, the diet plan which is marketing itself as weight loss for Millennials.

The chart you see up there shows the progress since the start of this blog, at which time I had 13 pounds to shed. As you can see, there was reasonable progress, interrupted by an accidental event where I ate loads of chocolate. I managed to put the chocolate behind me and didn’t buy any more. I kept exercising diligently. And when I got on the scale this morning, I found that I’d lost three pounds overnight. Literally overnight.

I was and am absolutely overjoyed. This is bloody amazing. I’m now only 7 pounds from my goal and I know I will reach it by Christmas, maybe even earlier than that.

If you are like me, you probably have an all-time favourite pair of jeans that you’ve had for ages. I have this particular pair of jeans that I love, that have looked better on me than any other pair I’ve ever owned. The only problem being, they are small! As I recall, they fit me perfectly when I weigh around 135 pounds. I tried them on today. They aren’t quite wearable yet because they are still a bit unyielding around the waist but I managed to do all the buttons up! A few more pounds of flab need to go from around my middle, where they like to live, and then I can wear my all-time favourite jeans. And that will be a happy, happy day.

And that’s all the news. Hope everybody is doing well! Wishing you good health.

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