I am back up to 146.6 pounds because that’s what you get for eating chocolate late at night. I am able to report that all chocolate and cookies are out of the house now, mainly because I ate them. There’s nothing left here that I can hurt myself with unless I start on the protein bars.

I’ve had a reasonably good diet day in which I consumed a lot of grapes and other watery fruit such as clementines. I wouldn’t say I’ve been hungry today although I have been fantasising a bit about what to make for my main meal tomorrow.

As ever, exercise is rescuing my mood and self-esteem. I walk various routes around London. Out of habit, I like one-hour routes and I normally take around 6,700 steps. I’d like to get that number up to 10,000 so this evening I spent a bit of time plotting a new 90-minute route that I can try out.

A few summers ago I had the luxury of not being excessively busy at work and I would regularly walk a route that took a solid 3 hours to complete. For a few months I did it every single morning. I was very fit, I had a tan and I recall being able to eat whatever I wanted. Of course it was a huge time suck and I can’t fit that in my work diary right now but a 90 minute walk might be achievable if I start getting up a bit earlier.

Today’s featured photo was taken on a recent walk. I really appreciate a bit of nature and fresh air in the morning, it wakes me up for the work day ahead.

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