Part-Time Vegan

I eat vegan food part of the time. My partner is a committed vegan and I am an omnivore. We live together but he is only here for part of the week because of work. I don’t cook meat in front of him because I understand that it is distressing. So when he is here I eat vegan meals with him or at the very least vegetarian, if I feel like I need milk or yogurt for some reason. When he is away, I eat whatever I want and whatever will fit in my diet. I try to favour foods that I prepared at home and that are fresh, without a bunch of mysterious additives.

Today he was mostly away and I had an eventful day. I got on the scale to find that I was magically back down to 145.6 pounds even though I had been a bit free with the sugary carbs the last couple of days. So that was the first good thing. Spurred on by weight loss, I did a bunch of exercise this morning. I walked for two hours and then I did 40 minutes of crunches and dumbbells. Aside from low-fat coffee and some grapes, I saved my calories all day, because there was a particular dinner that I wanted. When evening came, I prepared two massive burgers, one with blue cheese and mustard, the other with American cheese and low-sugar ketchup. Wholemeal buns and a big salad on the side. It was amazing and I couldn’t finish all of it. 1260 calories.

I don’t do the One Meal a Day diet but if I did, this is what it would be like. Tomorrow I’ll go back to eating small meals with less red meat in them. Today’s featured image is my actual burgers. Vegan readers: the meat is not really visible in this picture so hopefully not too triggering. I’ll post a vegan recipe or two at the weekend.

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