Welcome to Vanity Pounds

When you’ve lost a bunch of weight, become slim … and then lose motivation ten pounds from your goal.

Omg, you idiot. Stop eating cake.

— Self-talk, at various times throughout the day.

Hi everybody, I’m Gloria, you may know me from previous blogs on video gaming, Chinese and various other topics. I’m British and I’m 53. I don’t mind getting older THAT MUCH but I am getting married next June so that’s why I’m getting in shape.

My life before dieting revolved around a few addictions, including sugar, caffeine and work. It was making me fat. I am 5’6 and the day came when I weighed 170 pounds which is far too much.

I started dieting on 1 July 2019. The first month I just watched what I ate and I lost about 8 pounds. On 1 August I joined Slimming World, a British weight loss club and attended for about 12 weeks. By early September I was getting a taste for exercise and started adding all sorts of classes and a dumbbells programme into my calendar. In October I quit Slimming World because it was interfering with my gym regime.

I lost 25 pounds, I know, amazing. The thing is, at 145 pounds I still had 10 pounds to go to reach my target. So this is when I got complacent and started eating pizza, cake and Halloween candy. So now I’m dangerously hovering around 147. I quit my slimming group and I had about 4 days off from exercise last week, plus I’m busy at work again.

Urgent action needs to happen if I am going to get these last 10 or 12 pounds off. I just signed up to the popular ‘weight loss for Millennials’ programme, Noom, to see if it can get me through the last leg of my journey.

Here’s my blog where you can follow my story. Vanity pounds are hard.

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